Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol, and one of the most famous in the Philippines. They are an amazing group of mound-shaped hills that turn brown during the dry season, hence the "chocolate". This is really a must-see while in the Philippines!

Getting to Chocolate Hills

Getting to the Chocolate Hills is very easy. You can just say "yes" to one of the many tour guides you will no doubt meet while in Bohol. They are everywhere. Even trike drivers will offer to take you there or find a tour guide for you.

Getting to the Chocolate Hills on your own is a simple matter from Tagbilaran. Just make your way to the Dao bus terminal and catch the bus to Carmen. You want to get off at the Chocolate Hills Complex, which is a few kilometers before Carmen.

As always in the Philippines, if you aren't sure of how to get somewhere (especially a tourist destination), just ask someone!

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