Bohol Sea Breeze Cottages

Bohol Sea Breeze has nice budget cottages within well-landscaped surroundings and only a short walk from Alona Beach. Highly recommended for people on a tight budget that want to be near the beach (without paying beach prices!).

While I have not stayed here personally, I have visited and would recommend checking them out. For the price and location, it looks like a good, cheap, safe option.

If you have trouble finding this place, it is right next door to Villa Almedilla, which is up from Bohol Diver's Club. Tierra Azul is also very close.

I visited here in May, 2016 and was told the price could be "as low as" P900. So be sure to negotiate!


Air Conditioning


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  • Bohol Sea Breeze Cottages
  • Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol
  • 63 38 502 9036